Vicky Neale 1984 - 2023 4 May 2023

Vicky Neale 1984 - 2023

We are very sad to learn of the passing of a friend and colleague Vicky Neale. 

Vicky was born in Worcester in 1984. She was a talented mathematician from an early age and, whilst at secondary school, became very involved with the UKMT Challenges and follow-on rounds.

After A-levels she went to Trinity College, Cambridge. Having gained her PhD, she moved to Balliol College, Oxford. Her talents were many but she inspired students and others to love mathematics!

She joined the MA Council at Easter this year having agreed to be President Designate. Had the normal course of events been followed she would have been MA President for the year April 2024 to March 2025. Sadly that will not happen.

We pass our condolences to her family, friends and colleagues.

You can listen to Vicky's Maths Cancer podcasts here: