Problem Setters Wanted! 8 March 2024

Problem Setters Wanted!

Join our Challenges Problem Setting Team!


This year our Primary Mathematics Challenge (PMC) is 25 years old!

The Problem Setting Team for both the PMC and First Mathematics Challenge (FMC) is looking for new members to provide a variety of challenging, humorous and imaginative problems for our successful Challenges.


The Problems Team is also looking for a new Problems Team Coordinator, whose role consists of:

  • Communicating with the problem-setting team regarding creating and submitting possible problems for both the PMC and FMC papers
  • Facilitating meetings to discuss the problems submitted (jointly making decisions about which to include in each paper and in which order)
  • Creating Answers and Notes for teachers
  • Liaising with MA HQ who will then communicate with a graphic designer to create the paper itself
  • Proofreading and checking the paper


If you are interested in becoming the coordinator or joining the Problem Setting Team as a member, please email