Attend our AGM 13 March 2024

Attend our AGM

As Chair of The Mathematical Association, I am excited to invite you to The Mathematical Association's Annual General Meeting on Thursday 4th April 2024 in the Hidcote Suite, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Stratford-upon-Avon. The AGM is to be held during 'Shape Up', the conference of the joint mathematics associations.  

At this time, I would also like to take this opportunity to share a progress update regarding the proposed merger of the five subject associations into a single association. 


At last year's AGM, the majority of members who voted did so in favour of continuing to explore coming together as one association. 


Potentially merging five associations into one was never going to be an easy task; the Mathematical Association is a large body which has its own assets, premises, members of staff and contractual obligations with its external suppliers. Uniquely among the five subject associations, The Mathematical Association has its own library.  Members understandably want to know what would happen to their favourite journals and events, the Primary Challenges, our extensive range of publications and journals, and so on. Moreover, our members of staff deserve clarity and reassurance about their future roles. 


Our progress to date includes: 


  • Successfully setting up a new body called the Association of Mathematics in Education (AMiE).


  • Appointing the initial trustees of AMiE - a combination of independents and representatives of each of the organisations.


  • Carrying out due diligence.


  • Identifying synergies.


  • Evaluating infrastructure.


However, it has become clear that the necessary discussions will take longer than originally envisaged. Hence the Trustees of The Mathematical Association believe that it is not yet time to put a resolution to members that could potentially dissolve The Mathematical Association and transfer its assets to AMiE.


To help maintain momentum, the Mathematical Association is actively collaborating with our counterparts at the Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM). We are exploring the possibility of investing in expert advice and support from charity merger specialists, who can help establish a timeline for the proposed merger and help guide the five associations through the essential steps we would need to take to successfully complete the process. 


At our upcoming AGM, I look forward to sharing further details about our progress and answering any questions that you might have about the proposed merger.


For further details about our AGM, please visit: Mathematical Association - Annual General Meeting (


Yours sincerely




Dr Ems Lord, Chair of The Mathematical Association

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