Stoke and Staffordshire

The Stoke and Staffordshire Branch was established in December 2020 in a collaboration between MA members and the Stoke-on-Trent Mathematics Excellence Partnership.  This partnership of schools and teachers in the city was launched in 2016 and since this time have been running professional development and MathsMeet events for teachers across the city. This has now grown to encompass colleagues and educators from the surrounding area, and we are keen to disseminate the passion for mathematics to a greater number of colleagues through the launch of this branch.  We intend to run a number of events, ranging from professional development activities for teachers in both the Primary and Secondary school sector and MathsMeet events to encourage the sharing of best practice. We also hope to organise a series of popular mathematics lectures aimed at both teachers and students alike in the near future. 

Events will be signposted via our Twitter account and through a website which we are in the process of setting up. 

The venues for these meetings will vary and initially be online. 

Please contact us for further information.

Past Events