Professor Nira Chamberlain OBE - President 2023 - 2024

Mathematics is indisputably the greatest subject in the world! Why? Because it is the language of the world. Mathematics crosses racial, geographical and cultural boundaries.

Prof Nira Chamberlain

My name is Prof. Nira Chamberlain and I am proud to be a mathematician.

We are pleased to announce that during his year of presidency, Prof. Nira Chamberlain will be hosting regular vlogs along the theme of 'What is the point of mathematics?'. This question is a very important one for all people who live and work with mathematics, with the MA, Nira is on a mission to promote and embrace a strong mathematical identity which promotes and supports teachers and those using mathematics, and to boost confidence using, applying, learning and teaching mathematics. 

Vlog 18 - Prof Nira Chamberlain interviews Dr Anastasia Sofroniou - an Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics - University of West London, on 'What is the Point of Mathematics?' She gives a passionate and comprehensive reply to the questions posed. As she put it, "What the point of mathematics" may need to change to "What can be done without mathematics!" - answer not a lot!

Vlog 17: This edition of 'What is the Point in Mathematics?' was recorded during Black History Month and features Teresa Senyah - Product developer of maths qualifications at Pearson and a Black Hero of Mathematics. Here her views on Maths, Black Heroes and what makes a good maths teacher.

Vlog 16: Prof Nira interviews his PhD supervisor Prof Andrew Osbaldestin, who was the emeritus Professor of Applied Mathematics at Portsmouth University. Andrew believes that mathematics helps us to understand the world around us.


Vlog 15: Join Prof Nira as he interviews Tony Mann - Maths Lecturer at Greenwich University, as he shares how he believes maths can open up opportunities.


Vlog 14: Prof Nira interviews Dr Sophie Carr, the Founder & Director of a Data Science Company called Bays Consulting Ltd. She is also the World's Most Interesting Mathematician! Watch now to find out what she thinks is the point of mathematics. 



Vlog 13: "You don't need mathematics for anything!" a British Comedian said while receiving her honorary doctorate.
Was she joking or not? Prof Nira has his say!


Vlog 12: Join Nira for his latest interview with guest speaker Dr Peter Rowlett, who teaches mathematics at Sheffield Hallam University. Peter discusses the importance of mathematics in sustainable development and the importance mathematics can play in the future survival of our planet.


Vlog 11: Prof Nira interviews Ayan Farah, Director of Mathematics at Aston University Engineering Academy. She believes that studying maths is beautiful, it is needed and it is mandatory until 18.


Vlog 10: Prof. Nira chats with Martin Crozier. Martin Crozier @Statsyman, a mathematics teacher teaching in a school in China, Maths author and communicator. He believes that maths is a communication tool of scientific ideas.


Vlog 9: Nira chats to Becky Reed, Head of Maths at a girls school in London, discussing 'What is the point of mathematics?'


Vlog 8: Nira invites guest speaker Dr Snezana Lawrence, Historian of Mathematics and maths lecturer to discuss his question 'What is the point of Mathematics?'




Vlog 7: In 2003, twenty years ago, I was driving late home from work with the radio on. To my amazement, the Radio DJ declared that “Mathematics IS BORING!” What would you do? Listen to find out what happened next!



Vlog 6: Top Mathematicians warns curriculum being politicised with diversity guidance; What was your first impression when you read this?


Vlog 5: Its the 17th May...Happy National Numeracy Day!


Vlog 4: Nira invites guest speaker Karrie Liu to discuss his question 'What is the point of Mathematics?'

Vlog 3: Nira welcomes guest Dr Grace Olugbodi (@graceolugbodi). Dr Olugbodi is the creator of BeGenio - a board game which is designed to lessen maths anxiety and allow parents to support their children without the fear of not know enough!

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Vlog 2: Anti-Mathematical Mindset

Vlog 1: A welcome from the president