The JMC Working Group report on Mathematics education and digital technology

22 January 2024

The JMC Working Group report on Mathematics education and digital technology - what are the implications for the future of maths education? 

Date: Tuesday 23rd January

Time: 18:30-19:30 

Cost: Free for MA members, £6 for non members

Audience: Secondary

In July 2023 the Joint Mathematical council published a working group report on Mathematics education and digital technology. In this session Tom Button, one of the reports lead authors, will outline the key recommendations and consider what the implications of these are for the future of mathematics education in the UK. 

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Tom Button, Mathematics Technology Specialist, MEI 

Tom is the Mathematics Technology Specialist for MEI. He taught in sixth form colleges before joining MEI in 2005. He is passionate about the potential of technology to deepen students' understanding of maths and has both designed resources and delivered many teacher courses on this. He also developed MEI's Further Pure with Technology unit and is now leading on MEI's Data Science courses for students. 

Kickstarting topics

8 February 2024

Kickstarting topics with Matt Woodfine

“How we introduce new topics” and in particular the following areas:

  • Discussion ways of introducing a topic – e.g. look at the end result, current research, contextualised problem, a look at how what we know so far doesn’t match the end result of our lesson so something needs to change
  • Use of starter activities to steer the learning
  • Worked example pairs
  • Worked example animations
  •  A look at goal free problems
  • Backward problems
  • True or false
  • Mini white board activities
  • Misconceptions
  • Building confidence with initial activities

The main body of the talk will be on the example pair generator and all the weird and wonderful things that you can do to support students of all abilities. All resources for the session will be the freely accessible activities from https://mathswhiteboard.com.

When: Thursday 8th February

Time: 16:00 - 17:00

Cost: Free for MA members, £6 for non members

Audience: Secondary

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